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Usmania Calculator is a nicer version of a usual calculator
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Usmania Calculator is a sophisticated tool designed to perform advanced calculations. This is a much nicer version of a usual calculator.
The application has a very nice and elegant interface. Unlike other tools designed with the same purpose, this one comes with an interesting graphic. All the buttons are active and reveal hidden options when clicking on them. If you are not satisfied with the layout, you may choose another theme from the list.

It is obvious that this calculator is great for complex calculations. The application is programmed to solve both trigonometric and elementary functions. An unusual feature for a calculating machine is the list with atomic weights that you may use for solving some chemistry problems. Another interesting part of this tool is the possibility to convert a number to binary, decimal or to hexadecimal very easily. There is also a logical function. If you need some well-known physical constants in your calculus, you may use them directly from the list. For every problem, you have the possibility to choose the answer mode between 'Standard' and 'Scientific'. The Input area is big enough for a long calculus. The interface is endowed with two buttons with an unusual design. I am talking about the script selector and the button for resizing the font.

In my opinion this is a useful tool. It has nice and pretty logical structure, even though, there are many buttons with the same shape, and this may become tedious. It is a nice fact you can change the theme, but as far as I'm concerned, neon colors are not the most appropriate choice because your eyes may get tired.

Marco Tenco
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  • Complex calculating machine
  • Math, Chemistry and Physics problems solving


  • Neon colors make your eyes get tired
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installation is compulsory
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